What the fudge?

This was a new and odd predicament I found myself in.  There I stood, Sunday afternoon (post-yoga) and I had no idea what to bake!  Although the berry cake was enjoyed at the studio, with temperatures finally beginning to rise, my berry cake quickly turned into a melty-mess.

It was quite gross. 

With the changing of the seasons, I realized I needed to switch up my baking tactics; it was time to move away from the luscious treats and towards treats that were easily pop-able, less guilty, and ones that could be easily refrigerated.

Still at a loss at which direction my baking venture should take, Tommy had no problem throwing down a challenge: something with peanut butter.  Peanut butter is a dangerous venture for me, especially since I killed half a jar of it this past Friday with a spoon.

I try to stick to (somewhat) healthy-ish eating habits, but when it comes to peanut butter, all self-control goes right out of the window.  However, I was up for the challenge.

Tommy had suggested peanut butter sugar cookies, but I quickly shot that down.  After our Volunteer Brunch, I was a little sugar-cookied out (because if you’re going to do peanut butter sugar cookies, you need to do them right – with peanut butter or Nutella frosting and all).  Finally, we came to an executive decision: peanut butter fudge.


Resisting the urge to dive face first into this delicious beauty, the fudge was easy enough to prep and make.  Before popping the fudge into the fridge, I decided to make a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache to go on top (because there is no better combination than peanut butter and dark chocolate)!   


Peanut Butter fudge was definitely a good call; my manager and I suffered from a post-brunch daze all week, and looking ahead, this week will be full of Adoptathon prep, Adoptathon itself, and my mom’s birthday!  Since there will be plenty of baking coming up in these next few days, I am glad that a simple recipe was decided upon for yesterday.  Not only did it give me a chance to mentally tune-out and movie marathon Rogue One and the Hunger Games, but above all else, I could finally relax.

Well, if relaxing is even truly possible for me. 


Feel Good Friday

Although it may not feel like it yet, we have finally turned a corner in the seasons.  The days are longer, the chill is starting to leave the air and the sound of birds chirping are serving as my alarm clock.  With March almost behind us, I am more excited than ever to jump into Spring; everything begins to stir again, as I look to the upcoming days with a new focus.

This week has been pretty wavy, rocking from mundane and uneventful, to emotional and stirring, to enlightening and empowering; but honestly, I am okay with that!  Sometimes that feeling of just getting through the week, successfully sailing through the different waves of emotions, is enough to revitalize you; it also helps you focus on the little things that make you happy, such as the changing seasons or new recipes.

At work, though, I have been excited to explore new projects; this week, we borrowed a camera from our social media department in hopes of collecting portraits for our upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Brunch.  Of course, having the camera has offered me the opportunity to capture more than just volunteer portraits.

Lootah 2 (MA3713)

(This is Lootah! A new friend I met in our cat habitat.)


(And this is Miss Maggie! A sweet little lady who loves going for walks, and is also available for adoption.)

I love playing around with photography, and the fact that I get to explore this passion at work has been amazing!  Things have begun to settle back into a routine at work, a busy routine but one with a good flow.  As I jumped back into the swing of things, I realized that I haven’t spoiled my fellow workers with treats for some time now; I decided that maybe a small pick-me-up was needed to help get us through the week.


One of my favorite ingredients to bake with is oats.  Not only is oatmeal utterly delicious (and good for you!), but I love the consistency when added to a baked treat.  It adds a smooth yet heartier taste.  For these cookies, I found a new oatmeal chocolate chunk recipe and was excited to try it out.  The recipe called for all of the basic cookie ingredients, but I was intrigued to see cinnamon thrown into the mix.  I had never thought to add cinnamon to an oatmeal cookie before!  I’m glad that I did, as many of my taste-testers commented that the hint of cinnamon was quite enjoyable.


Overall, what may have started as a temperamental week certainly settled into an amazing Friday feeling.  Sometimes, you just need a week to go through the motions and clear away the cobwebs of the mundane.  In the end, you’ll find yourself springing into the weekend with feel-good vibes and a clear mind.