Pre-Adoptathon Bakeathon

What a blur. This past weekend was our Annual Global Pet Adoptathon at North Shore Animal League America; hundreds of puppies, dogs, kittens and cats were rescued and brought to our adoption center in hopes of finding a potential home.  This weekend is the biggest and busiest adoption event of the year.


Beginning at 9am on Saturday, May 6th, our adoption center was open for 36 hours straight as we hoped to find homes for our puppies, dogs, kittens and cats.


People lined up all throughout our campus for the chance to adopt one of these little guys.  Naturally, on a busy weekend like this one, we wanted to be on our A-game.  At our adoption center our kennel associates and managers work diligently to make sure our animals are going home to the right match; on a weekend like Adoptathon, that rule is not any different.

If we were going to make it through the weekend, I thought that the volunteers and associates could use some sustenance.


Enter Bakeathon.


I hoped that a few batches of chocolate chip cookies and Nutella brownies would help boost morale.

36 hours later, we are happy to announce that over 440 puppies, dogs, kittens and cats found a home during our Adoptathon weekend.  It was an incredibly busy weekend, but certainly a wonderful one as well.


Spring days were made for classic rock and road trips to no where

Winded after reading that title?  That is certainly how I felt after this weekend! After a long Sunday of baking, I was excited to wake up to this quiet, sunny day.  This past Sunday, we were expecting company over for Palm Sunday dinner; being that this was the first family dinner that I was being asked to bake for, the pressure was on.


Prepping my rainbow cookies this time around was much different than the first.  The first time I made these, I was extremely nervous, taking every step cautiously.  This time around, I flew through the steps with ease; I didn’t even freak out when the cake cracked or piled unevenly.  I just simply shrugged it off, and fixed my mistakes when it came time to trim the cake.  I guess practice truly does make perfect.


The next dessert on the docket was my mint oreo and cream cheese truffles.  I love these truffles because they are so simple to make but so worth it!  For these though, the smaller the truffle, the better as they are RICH! IMG_1237

With Palm Sunday desserts out of the way, I couldn’t stop there.  I quickly prepped “red” chocolate chip cookies for work; my friend’s grandson is a huge fan of my baking, always looking for my trusty cookie-container every time he visits the studio.  I learned that his birthday was a few days ago, and he had a special request for red cookies (as red is his favorite color).  Clearly, I had to oblige; anything for my biggest fan!


The last thing on my baking to-do list was a batch of lemon bars.  I had never made lemon bars before and was a little confused when I received conflicting directions from two different recipes, but in the end, it was completely worth it to see my friend smile.


With all of my baking out of the way, what was a girl to do on this sunny Monday?

Enjoy the morning, of course!  I met with my younger cousin for coffee to celebrate her admission into college; after dropping her off, I decided to go for a drive.  I made a pit-stop at the beach, but sadly, the sight and sound of a bulldozer rolling across the sand quickly shortened my relaxing escape.

So, I got in my car and I kept driving.  One of my favorite things to do during the spring season is to roll my windows down, turn up the music and adventure on a road trip to no where.  Today, it was the songs of classic rock that filled my speakers, as I danced alone in my car while munching on a bag of dried apple chips.  Sometimes, you just need to get out and wander – no destination in mind,  no end point – you just need to be free.  It is often during these trips that the best discoveries are made; however, even if nothing is found, something as simple as singing and dancing in your car makes the whole trip worth it.  Today was definitely a much needed and enjoyable change of pace.