Boozy Brownies and Blizzard Thoughts

If March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, than this is certainly one cranky lion.  Staring out the window at the blizzard that surrounded us, you would never guess that we were halfway through March.  It wasn’t your typical blizzard, though; it was not one where the sky glowed a faint orange-gray as the sun began to rise, and the snow gently drifted towards the ground.  No.  This blizzard was full of ice, hale and slush.

Even Watson was content on staying indoors (and he loves the snow!).


Naturally, there was only one thing to do on a day like that: equip the fuzzy socks, pour a warm cup of coffee and bake!  Since the weather was quite morose, I wanted to make something with a little kick; there is nothing that gives your coffee (or your baking) a kick like Irish cream. (And Nutella – you cannot forget the Nutella).


Feeling a little experimental, I researched two possible Nutella and Baileys infused recipes.  I settled on two varying brownie recipes.  The first was the simpler of the two: my Nutella brownies with a Baileys chocolate ganache.


Although I was confident about the brownies baking well, I was a little unsure about how the ganache would settle.  The end result was an extremely rich and decadent treat.  When cutting my brownies, I usually cut them on the larger side; this recipe, though, called for a more petite and modest piece.

My other experimentation was a Flourless Nutella and Baileys brownie/cake.  I had attempted to make a flourless cake once before; the end result of that disaster?  The flourless cake had bubbled over and hit my oven rack, cracking the cake completely.  (That still did not stop me from emotionally digging into it with a spoon, but I digress!)


This time, all went well in the land of the flourless: there was no sign of bubbling, no cracking, no drama – just a simple and smooth boozy cake.  The recipe was easy enough to follow, even for a flourless cake.  The Nutella and Baileys also did a fine job covering up the eggy texture and taste.  It was a much needed comfort on such a frigid and gloomy day.

Seeing as we just had 60 degree weather a few days prior and with the beginning of Spring just around the corner, this blizzard seems like odd timing.  It’s funny, I find myself thinking a lot about that lately: timing.

(Maybe it’s the boozy brownies or the stir crazy talking, but follow me down this rabbit hole)

Sometimes, it feels like we’re always pinned against time: being a second (a month, or a year) too late; time not moving fast enough; wishing for more hours in the day; realizing that someone else got there first (whether it’s to a place, a job or a person); or wondering if only I were at a different stage of my life – it seems that we are always at odds with time.  I wonder, though, if we are so focused on the missed timing, do we fail to see when the timing is right?  Or, do we not want to see when the timing is right?  Realizing that our path could take us in a different direction than originally intended can be terrifying.  But the universe does listen, and the universe does send us signs when we are on our true path.

These signs can be more simplistic than we think. It could be seeing a meaningful number on a clock or a count; hearing a certain song suddenly play during a moment of apprehension; or being at the right place at the right time (without even meaning to be): I believe these occurrences are messages that our timing is lining up with the universe; our path will unfold itself naturally, without the coercion of others.  I guess the point of this ramble (that has absolutely nothing to do with delicious boozy treats) is that where ever we may stray, no matter how dark the stars become, the universe will help us make things right. The signs are out there; I guess you just have to be brave enough to listen.



Author: TableForOne

Making the world a better place, one cookie at a time. Embracing singledom, putting myself first. #CafeForStrays #TableForOne

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