The Healing Power of Nutella

Change can kick up many feeling and emotions; it can cause you to reflect inward about your own stance and choices, even if you are not the one changing.  Last week at work, we had to say goodbye to Tara, our Foster Care Manager.  She has been in her position for about a year and a half, and ran the department efficiently and with care.  Although we are excited about the new opportunities that await her, losing a coworker, especially one who has become your friend, can be bittersweet.  As happy as you are for that person and the path that lies ahead, deep down, you are selfishly sad.

Tara was one of the first people at work that I had become friendly with.  Although I had always been bubbly and social with our volunteers, when it came to befriending other members of our staff, I quickly retreated back to my painfully shy self.  Tara helped me break out of that shell, something I will always be thankful for.  Not only did she help me connect with the other staff members, but she helped me feel confident just being my (socially awkward) self.

I will certainly miss our lunchtime hang outs, venting about our fitness and nutrition frustrations while dancing to Latin music; I will definitely miss our mini therapy sessions, chatting about life and all of its speed bumps.  But I know that Tara’s next steps will lead her to an amazing adventure, one that I hope she finds much success and happiness from.  Although I know she and I will keep in touch, a proper sendoff was still in order.  What better way to say goodbye than with Nutella-induced treats?

It may not be the healthiest ingredient for you, but I am convinced that Nutella can take any situation and make it better.

Nutella Brownies

When it comes to Nutella-based treats, Nutella brownies are a given!  Not only are these brownies simple to make, but they are the perfect combination of crispy and chewy.  These brownies are always a crowd pleaser, as well as Tara’s favorite, thus, they had to be made.

As my manager and I continued to brainstorm desserts to serve at Tara’s farewell party, I knew I wanted to experiment more with Nutella-based recipes.


One of my favorite ingredient combinations is Oreos and cream cheese; this combination alone can often serve as the staple of many baked treats.  In the past, I have made Oreo and cream cheese truffles, but I was curious as to what would happen if Nutella was thrown into the mix.  Luckily, the experiment was a success, and these bad boys flew right off the plate!

For a while, I debated making a Nutella cake as the main dish of Tara’s goodbye party, but when it came to finally prep it, a lightbulb went off instead.  Why not make a pie?


It’s nothing against cake.  Cake is often a fan favorite at parties; however, the idea of crafting a Nutella pie was quietly calling my name.  After prepping the Oreo crust, I was ready to whip up a combination of Nutella, cream cheese and heavy whipping cream.


The result?  A smooth and creamy Nutella pie!  With one last spark of inspiration, I decided to crumble a chocolate chip cookie on top (for a little pop of color and a contrast in taste).  In the end, everyone who gathered to wish Tara a happy sendoff seemed to enjoy themselves.  Most importantly, we hope that Tara felt supported as she stands at the beginner of her new endeavor.  Although we are sad to see her go, we know that incredible opportunities await her.


Author: cafeforstrays

Making the world a better place, one cookie at a time.

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